Friday, August 26, 2011

PS Challenge Weeks 3-7

I got 'Poetic Justice' braids on August 18th.  I'll be trying to wear them for a month, (so September 18, they have gots to go!) if I don't get a case of the frizzies...when braids get frizzy, they get least to me, and I've invested too much time in myself and this hair of mines!

I've realized I haven't taken one picture since I've had these braids in and I wouldn't dare do it now...because today is an off day for me.  However, I've mostly been wearing them in a high bun, while I'm in school/work.  and a side bun when I'm home.  I've yet to wear them out because they're waist length, and I'm definitely, 5'2. :)

Oh... mini product review.

My MIL bought me the whole design essentials natural line, and I used it to wash/condition/style my hair twice before I got my far, it's meh. I haven't been blown away.  But, I do want to give it a fair chance, not to mention I know how expensive it was! more on those product near the end of September! right now I'm only using a shea butter fluff from Tree Naturals!, she's new so she has no website [that I know of], but I subscribed to her on YouTube, and she's super sweet! I found her from Curly Nikki, where she was featured!

welp...I guess that's all for now.

Update in a few weeks!


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