Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My natural hair story...

I got diagnosed with Psoriasis in November 2009. At first it started in just small patches on my chest. But somehow it moved to my scalp. I'm not sure where it came from, but the doctors have told me that it's genetic...funny thing is. NO one and I mean no one in my family has a case of psoriasis. Weird.

Anyways, I got my last relaxer October 3, 2009...a Mizani Rhelaxer or whatever it's called. It was my first time getting that type of relaxer (I usually got botanicals)...and it made my hair all silky. It burned a little, and I had the sores, but I thought what the hey. I've had em before...

but those 'sores' never went away, they became scaly patches... and psoriasis as I've been told.

Long story short, I've decided no more perms...I'm Transitioning...

Summer '11
Winter '11
Summer '11
Summer '10
Spring '10

Summer '10
Spring '10

Winter '09

winter '09

 and I did just that for until June 2011.I can't believe I lasted that long.  I finally cut the relaxed ends off, and guess what I did, got it pressed.  Ha, I was going home to attend my grandmother's 70th birthday, and she can't stand my natural hair.  I took one for the team, and I have the heat damage to prove it.  le sigh. 

I got the braids above in June, and I've took them out this past Saturday...now I'm on ths PS Challenge.  [Ihad to wash my head again, my scalp was on fire, put twists back in, pinned them back up. I am definitely not loving this look on myself, but I digress, this collarbone length hair is not it.

welp so that's my story.


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