Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I've so been has started back, my son is now home from the In-laws, and between being a mother, wife, and tryna better me, my blog got lost somewhere in the mix.

I've super nervous/excited/anxious to be embarking on my last year of graduate school, so much so, I was having major headaches, and near panic attacks next year.  This year will be super busy with my intern and school, and driving an hr one way just to go to either.  but with Faith I will persevere. I read a quote today that reminded me of that:

"Faith makes things POSSIBLE...not EASY."

Boy, I really needed to read that.  I know that I need to have more faith in God that he will order my steps, but also more faith in myself, because I know he has my back!  Just what I needed to hear.  I thought I'd share because someone else needed to hear it also. ~Besos~


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