Saturday, March 24, 2012

I cut my hair...

and I visited SHi Salon.  Full Review to follow:

So back to this hair cutting.  My hair had not been cut professionally in almost 10 months.  Yes, I know that's bad, but people in the big CITY of Cape Girardeau don't know what to expect when they see this bush on my be honest I would be afraid too.  So I get the bright idea that I just can't take it anymore and that a trip to sweet St. Louis is necessary.  I call up my girl, Angela, and before you know it I'm on the phone with SHi Salon, making an appointment for a trim and natural style (I couldn't decide if I wanted my hair straightened...decided against it) and making Angela an appointment for a trim and blow out.

Now at first they put us down for the same girl, which I thought was odd, like I hope this isn't some kind of ghetto salon, where they keep switching you back and forth.  That's one of the main reasons I avoid black hair salons like the plague.  I know, I shouldn't overgeneralize, but I black business owners, GET IT TOGETHER. end rant.

Anyways, we arrived at SHi after passing right by it, it's in the heart of downtown STL, and situated right on the street, if it weren't for the red door, I never would have seen it out of the corner of my eye, as I passed it.  Parking is virtually non-existent, as far as a parking lot anyway.  There is street parking and of course meters.  Meters?!! Say what now, I have to pay to park to get my hair done...I fed that meter like 4 dollars.  Good thing my appointment was in the afternoon.  It tickled me a little because there are few businesses around SHi and I was wondering why they would be giving tickets to anyone with all that space and opportunity.  Who knows?

We walk in to the lounge area and the receptionist girl is on the phone...sounded like a personal call to me but whatever.  She welcomes us, and tells our stylist we've arrived.  Right on time, 3:45.  [I guess I should mention here, that I was called the day before and notified that the stylist I was booked with really didn't do natural hair styles and that I would be switched to Toqa, but that my appointment would have to be moved up 45 minutes...ummm o.O. I reiterated time and time again that I lived 1.5 hours away from the salon so I wouldn't be arriving early.  Kinda messy]  I noticed that it was a little a lot, warm in the salon, and they were offering bottled water.  Nice.  I declined at first, but had to take them up on that offer later, because sweat was literally pouring down my back.  Weird.  They had industrial fans blowing and a ceiling fan, but it struck me odd that this seemingly upscale salon didn't have AC accommodations.  I'm from the south (NC) and I don't do HEAT.  It makes no sense to get a blowout and sweat it out all at the same time, but I digress.  Anyways, the receptionist had us fill out paperwork, demographics and brief information about our hair and how we heard about the salon.

Our stylists came to greet us and show us a tour of the salon.  [they are currently remodeling, so painters tape, and random stuff was around everywhere] Our stylists were dressed in all  I assumed it was casual Friday. Quick assessments of our hair was done, followed by what we wanted done, and how to achieve it.  I got a comb out, ends trim, detox shampoo, deep condition under the dryer, and then blow dry, with flat twist out, and fro-hawk. CUTE  [at this point my hair was still wet, after sitting under the dryer for 30 minutes]...regardless I was ready to go, and with natural hair it really doesn't matter.

All in all the salon visit was just....okay.  The salon seems to be situated in a not so busy area, but they really need to work on the remodeling, and the air...I can't stand being hot.  The stylist and everyone there was nice, and I've never seen any covet hair as thick as mines.  Next salon trip...

Christopher Stevens Salon....I'm thinking highlights!

1350 calories a day...

I've been working with a trainer (Becky) for about 3 weeks, and I've lost a total of 2 pounds...2 whole pounds, so of course, I flipped.  Here I was working my ass off, working out 7 days a weeks, an hour at a time, trying to eat more and more often, and my body wasn't releasing the weight?  So what is the problem?

I sat down and had a heart to heart with my trainer...things that may be affecting me in my, home life, work; eating enough calories...I am too BUSY to eat; and drinking enough water...I HATE water, with a passion, just do NOT like it. 

So we made a plan, the 1350 plan...after scouring my food journal, we realize that I don't eat much food at all, and when I do make my caloric goal for the day, it's because I ate something not so good, like that piece of chocolate cake, or that BOMB ass Peach Cobbler from Sweetie Pie's...some things I couldn't resist, and now I would HAVE to. 

So what does this 1350 plan entail...well first off, me eating more...and not just any food, substantial food.  So the plan kinda goes as follows:

  • no pork
  • no fried foods
  • no white foods
  • no sugar, unless it's stevia 
  • whole wheat
  • brown rice
  • fish
  • chicken
  • beef (moderately)...I hardly ever eat beef
  • fruit (no more than 3 servings)
  • veggies
  • weight control oatmeal
  • almonds, pistachios
  • no candy
  • don't waste calories on drinks
  • 100 ounces of water
  • 3 complete meals (eat like a king, prince, pauper...)
  • 2 snacks
  • less than or equal to 1350 calories, no less than 1200
Exercise includes alternating between gym work and cardio. 

I've only been doing this since Thursday so we will consider this an experiment.  One thing I will not is that planning meals is a pain...and I never had to count and eat so much in my life...also, in planning, meals I feel like I am always anticipating some form of food or snack...and in all of this, I feel like I am starving all the time.  Especially at night. I guess that's because I stay up late, and I'm eating dinner around 7.  Somewhere in this I must adapt a better schedule.  But that's a thought for another day. 

Weigh In last week: ???....I'll post when I've under a certain weight
Weigh in on upcoming Thursday: Stay Tuned.

It's been a while...

,,,since I've been here.  Real unfortunate.  I let life catch up to me...I got caught up, now I'm trying to grab hold of the reins, and reel myself back in.  Lots has happened...but for now I'll keep most of that to myself. I'm just not into sharing right now. I'm still on this healthy living journey, so I'll guess I'll go from there.