Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I've definitely been slacking on updating...whew, it's been almost a month.  I can atest to one things, and that is being a full time grad student and working 20+ hours a week, and an hour away from my home is kicking my tail.  I haven't been this tired since...since I don't know when.  Probably when I found out I was pregnant with my little bambino. :)

So let's play catch up... (in bullet form)

  • Still natural, been playing with shampoos, conditioners and moisturizers, haven't found something that I'm totally and truly in love with, and being  PJ is expensive.  Right now in rotation I have, a shea whip from Tree Naturals (it's great), that Design Essentials Line, some stuff from Qhemets (well actually, alot of stuff), and shea moisture shampoo (which is okay -_-) 
    • still doing the natural hair PS challenge, being doing Twists, twistouts (since it's still short), DC'ing, and wearing hats, which my husband doesn't care too much for, BUT this is my head! 
    • Oh yeah, and I got a feather in my hair... (total waste of $20)
  • I went to Florida for a pre-birthday getaway, it was less than enthusiastic, and there are so many things that I would change about that trip.  It seems that the year of 25 isn't starting out so bad, next week, Hubby will be out of town, and I will be spending my birthday alone. bummer. Thanks Missouri!
  • I have been doing some minimal shopping--and I'll post some great finds from Marshalls that I got on my trip.
  • I have hopped off the workout wagon--why? because I'm sleep if I'm not moving, or somewhere in a corner taking a power nap, I really need to stay up on my Iron pills more, or I'm going to crash , and never be the same.  Jumping back on this bandwagon, SOON!
  • looking forward to homecoming at Carolina and to find some cute going out dresses.  Any Suggestions?
I guess that's it


  1. Freckled Diva (from xanga)October 7, 2011 at 6:35 PM

    Have you tried the Moroccan Oil shampoo by Creme of Nature? I actually really LOVE that shampoo and it doesn't leave my natural hair feeling stripped. I use to use the brand Moroccan Shampoo, but it's too expensive. However, I will splurge of the true Moroccan oil itself to coat my hair after washing.

  2. @Freckled Diva (from xanga)
    I haven't tried the Moroccan Oil shampoo by Cream of Nature, I've only tried the Argan Oil shine serum. I used to use Cream of Natural (green bottle) until, they changed the formula (ugh), so now I'm using Shea Moisture Moisture retention, it's okay. Where do you buy your Moroccan oil?